People-first driven tech solutions


We did not find any good solution on the market that had all the things you need in one platform. So we created one.


We sat down with the best in the business and created a platform that saves time, solves real-world problems and is fun / easy to use.


Finding relevant influencers is easy. Add filters and search 60+ million influencers.


Create lists and keep track of your favourite influencers.


Seamless payments from brands to influencers. Pay with card or invoice. We handle all the fuzz so you dont have to.


We have developed our own detection system that analyze traffic and activity. Based on the results, each influencers gets a score.


Pick all the influencers you like. Invite them all at once. Campaign spots are limited. First to take a spot gets it.


Each time you swipe (yes / no) our AI learns what you are looking for. It’s not only smart, its fun to use too.


Pin-point influencers and their audience to match your brand.


Our campaign management system has proven to create some really amazing results. You should read our Case studies for more info.


Analyze the results of your campaign. Easy-to-read charts and clear data. Create another campaign with top performers.

Content Review

Review all content influencers create for your campaigns before it’s posted.

Have suggestions?

If there is any feature you think is missing on the platform or if you have a great idea, we'd love to hear from you!