Seamless payments from brands to influencers. No headache guaranteed


Add your bank account

Log in to your account on Collabs and add your bank account details. You are now ready to receive payments from campaigns.



Add your credit card

The same card you enter when signing up for Collabs is the one used when paying influencers after a successful campaign.



Why you’ll love payments

Add your bank account

Log in to your account on Collabs and add your bank account details. Once this is done, you are ready to receive payments from campaigns you successfully complete.

Don’t worry about accounting

Our system will generate self-billing invoices by using the information we have from the brand running the campaign, and the information you’ve added on your profile. This way you don’t need to create invoices, let alone know how to properly make one.

Instant payments

Before a brand can invite you to a campaign, they’ll deposit your commission to our account. This will guarantee that you’ll receive payment as long as you complete the assignments in accordance to the campaign guidelines.

Handled by Collabs

Everything. Booyah!

No hidden fees

100% of the commission, straight to the influencer. No middlemen.


The best thing since sliced bread

Add your credit card

This is already done once you’ve signed up for the platform. You’ll be able to change the credit or debit card in the billing section, should you wish to use another card solely for commissions.

Pay for results

You’ll only pay the influencers who have fully completed all the assignments in your campaign.

Accounting done right

You’ll only pay once and it’s done automatically - we’ll supply you with one prepaid invoice. Should anyone of the influencers fail to complete all the assignments in the campaign, we’ll send you a self-billing invoice and transfer back the same amount that were supposed to go to that influencer.

Secure payments via Stripe

Our setup is fully PSD2 compliant through Stripe.

No extra charges

We don’t charge anything for the campaign as all features on the platform are included in the subscription, however moving money around to lots of different recipients, countries & currencies comes with a small technical fee of 4.7%.

Collabs payment model

Our payment model ensures everything is done by the book. We handle all payments, currencies & accounting in accordance with the influencers (and the brands) tax-rules & applicable laws - no matter where in the world you’re based. Pay once, the rest is automagic.


Send out invitations

When a brand invites influencers to join their campaign, the commissions are transferred to our account. This way we can guarantee your commission.


Handling payments

When rounding up the campaign, our system confirms that the influencers completed all their assignments in accordance to the guidelines set by the brand. Once this is done, the influencer is paid automatically. Should anyone of the influencers fail to complete assignments, their payday is cancelled & funds are returned to the brand.



The payment is in transit and arrives to the influencers account within 3 - 7 business days.

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Compliance and Security

  • Card industry blacklist filtering
  • Payments via Stripe
  • We’ll never share your information
  • Hassle free accounting done right
  • GDPR & PSD2 compliant