A short glossary of terms frequently used in influencer marketing


Assignments are what the influencers are supposed to do in the campaign. You can select up to three different assignments per campaign and influencer - Story, Video or Post/Carousel.


A Brief should contain key information to give a short summary of what a campaign is about. Key information could be assignments, payment info, description and post dates.

Campaign page

This is the page that all invited influencers goes to in order to read up on your campaign. This page will package all the information you add in the setup wizard, and is delivered via e-mail to the selected influencers.


Short for collaborations, and something you do with influencers. Also the name of our platform. Great name, right?


What will the influencer/s receive when completing the assignments? Products and/or cash? And how much? On the Collabs platform, you’ll find a pricing indicator that will help you make a relevant offer.


Browse our database of millions of influencers in order to find the ones suitable for your brand, product & campaign. Filter on number of followers, category & region.


An individual with a big following on social media. In this case, on Instagram. In general, an account with 10,000 followers or more accounts as an influencer, whilst an account between 3,000 - 10,000 is known as ”micro-influencer”.


Review is just what it sounds like - going over the piece of content that the influencer is supposed to upload on the Instagram. The campaign page will explain how the post is supposed to be, and what format (Story, Video or Post/Carousel). Reviewing the content before it is uploaded will make sure there are no misunderstandings between the brand & the influencer/s.

Setup wizard

Basically a user interface type that presents a sequence of dialog boxes that will lead you through a series of well-defined steps. When you have entered all required information in the steps, we wave our magic wand and voilà - you have got yourself a campaign page.


Tasks are the things you as a business need to complete in the campaign. This could be finding relevant influencers, setting up the campaign page, inviting everyone and so on. Basically what you need to do in order to be successful in influencer marketing.


The timeline describes for both the influencer & the brand where you’re currently at in the campaign. For example, when the brand have sent products, the next step in the timeline is for the influencer to grab the package and notify the brand that it’s been received.